CARO Celebrates 500 Performances At EFTELING!


CARO Celebrates It's 500th Performance At Efteling!

CAROEfetling’s visual spectacle of a show has officially celebrated it’s 500th performance this week to a sold out crowd.

The immersive family park based in the Netherlands is mainly known for it’s intricately themed rides & attractions.

Efteling do however offer a full ranged of themed family entertainment, and CARO is one show which is said not to be missed.

Efteling describes CARO as “a visual spectacle for the whole family, where words are superfluous.” filled with acrobatics, dance and music from beginning to end.

On the 4th of April CARO marked it’s 500th performance in style selling out and it’s popularity is said to reach beyond the mere boarders of it’s home country.

In an official poll it was revealed that 32.1% of those attending the show were visiting from another country with 5.1% attending from the UK.

Further more, CARO first debuted at the park back in September of 2018 and to date is said to have been watched by more than 300,000 visitors overall.

Efteling have also extended the show’s play dates to December of 2023, therefore, if you haven’t seen it yet you still have time.

Efteling describe CARO as "a visual spectacle for the whole family, where words are superfluous."

CARO can be viewed exclusively at the Efteling Theatre several times throughout the week.

During the show, guests will take their turn on a moving carousel which is said to be FULL of “recognisable moments from life.”

Tickets to watch CARO are said to be priced at €26.50 (approx. £23) per person, however overnight guests can enjoy the show at a much more reduced rate of €12.50 (approx. £11) per person instead.

Finally if you don’t plan on actually entering Efteling’s immersive theme park itself don’t worry, you can still watch CARO as the theatre is said to be located next to the park itself.

For full details on what to expect from CARO and how to book be sure to visit the park’s official website HERE.

In the meantime however, here are some photos captured throughout the evening of the show’s historic 500th performance!