And so it begins …!!

Well hello everyone and welcome to our official website! I’m thrilled to be able to finally bring you a first look at our own little home from home right here on the big old world wide web!! This is something I have been striving to create for some time and and as such I am absolutely over the moon that I can finally show you exactly what we have to offer outside of our original home on Facebook

Who are we?

I would therefore like to share a little about who we are and what you can expect from our exciting new home in the months and years to come!

Our official site is a brand new start for Theme Park Insanity, however to really understand what this actually means let me take you back to our humble beginnings! Theme Park Insanity began as an idea and the inspiration for this idea was drawn from my passion for all things theme park and attractions related! It’s a passion I have had ever since I became old enough to ride and as such this passion has only grown bigger and bigger as the years have gone by! The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley in Ripon, North Yorkshire was my first ever big coaster and after finally mustering the courage to ride this I was well and truly hooked! This put me on a mission, to find the biggest and very best rides and attractions I could find intent on immersing myself into my new found favourite hobby and feed my need for the biggest and best thrills the industry had to offer!

Skip forward to new year 2018 having had a considerable break between my last visit to Alton Towers back in the early 2000’s I finally once again felt a very old and familiar need surging back to the surface! Something was missing and the need once more started to grow forever begging me to get back out and explore! Over the years since my last visits the industry had also evolved! Not only that but the UK theme park landscape had also changed drastically, and with the additions of such gems as Wicker Man, Smiler and Th13teen at Alton Towers and the likes of Kumali at Flamingo Land Resort I finally decided the time had come once again to make my way back out and explore everything the UK industry had to offer! This time however I had a new found confidence and mix that with the fact I now had my own transport I took back to the road once again and dived straight back into what I loved doing best! Riding the biggest, fastest and most thrilling rides I could find forever trying to find my next fix of pure adrenaline!

A New Dawn Begins!!

So it was in mid February of 2019 at the opening weekend of Blackpool Pleasure Beach that my journey to becoming an enthusiast began! Sitting in the cold and the rain with my wrist band firmly on my wrist I sat patient waiting for the park to finally open the gates and let me back into the park! Looking ahead I could see all of my favourite coasters from whence I last visited and just in the distance there also stood my next conquest! ICON!! The time finally came however and after a speech from the park’s CEO and a count down the race began! I ran as fast as I could towards ICON determined to beat everyone else to it and get my first fix of the season! Finally, I reached the entrance to the ride, hurtled down the queue line and by some miracle actually managed to secure my place on the first train of the season!


Fast forward to July 2019 and having made a gigantic amount of theme park visits, taken out a Merlin Annual Pass and been informed of the brand new coaster coming to Flamingo Land Resort for 2020 I decided the time had finally come to set up a brand new home for the ever growing amount of theme park pics, updates and more which had started to flood my Facebook profile timeline! And so it was on July 25th 2019 that Theme Park insanity was born!

Since then I have done everything from provide daily news and construction updates from across the industry to specifically work with Facebook group Flamingo Land Crazy to cover the park’s 2020 investment with weekly construction updates which still continue to this day!

Theme Park Insanity has fastly become seemingly one of the go to places for theme park content and with having the chance to work with parks such as Alton Towers directly as well as other bloggers and vloggers such as Screwy Loops, Coaster Gen and many more I finally decided that the time had come to firmly cement ourselves on the worldwide web and bring you (my followers) a brand new and very unique home to showcase the future of our content and connect with you all on a far more direct level!

Going forwards our brand new website will feature everything from official blog posts, news articles and ride and attraction reviews to quizzes, competitions and so much more! Therefore welcome to our brand new home and your official fix of pure adrenaline daily! – Welcome to!!

Joe Marshall – Owner and Founder of Theme Park Insanity!