Project Exodus Is Coming Along FAST At Thorpe Park!


Project Exodus Is Progressing FAST At Thorpe Park Resort!

Project Exodus construction continues to progress FAST at Thorpe Park Resort with MOST of Loggers Leap now removed.

The park shared yet another fantastic construction update this evening showing just how much work had taken place over the last week.

The UK’s NEW tallest roller coaster has now since been confirmed to be a MACK Rides Hyper Coaster and will be the tallest of it’s kind anywhere worldwide.

With most of Thorpe Park’s former log flume now removed, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we begin to see work on filling in the lake taking place.

With so much work taking place in such a short space of time it shouldn’t be too long before work on installing the ride’s foundations begins.

The above image shared by Thorpe Park shows the majority of Loggers Leaps final drop has now been removed - *Image Credit - Thorpe Park.

Upon being approved, it was estimated that Project Exodus would take around a year and half to be built from start to finish.

This latest update definitely appears to give hope that Thorpe Park’s new ride remains on track and as such we hope to see more of Project Exodus arriving at the park very soon.

Along with the above image Thorpe Park also shared other shots of the site including the final pieces of Loggers Leap’s trough, a channel next to SAW: The Ride and so much more.

Check out the following shots which also accompanied tonight’s update!

It’s fair to say construction workers definitely aren’t messing about when it comes to taking Project Exodus vertical.

With that in mind we estimate work on actually building the ride to begin late Spring/ early Summer taking into account the current rate of progress taking place.

Thorpe Park have also certainly done an amazing job of keeping us all in the loop over on their official Pass holder group.

As such we look forward to seeing more from the park themselves over the coming months!

Are you looking forward to watching Project Exodus grow in the months ahead?

We’d love to hear all of your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.