Alton Towers Presents NEW Festival of Thrills Event!

Festival of Thrills - An Exciting NEW Event Kicking off at Alton Towers Resort from April 04th Onwards!

Festival of Thrills – An exciting NEW Event kicks off at Alton Towers Resort from this Monday April 04th through until May 06th!

The new seasonal event offers park goers the chance to celebrate the resort’s epic roller coasters as they reawaken for the 2022 season.

Each of the resort’s 7 major roller coasters will feature an appropriately themed musical artist adjacent to the attraction in question.

The aim? – to help celebrate & ‘reawaken’ the rides from their cold and wintry slumber as they burst back into life and welcome thrill seekers back aboard them once again!

Music genres set to feature throughout the event include pop, rock, Gothic rock, drum and base & electro synth to name but a few!

Festival of Thrills makes up the first of 6 fantastic seasonal events set to feature at Alton Towers Resort this year!

Speaking about the event Chris Carter (the resort’s Events & Entertainments Director) says;

“This year we plan to host a series of thrilliant events which will provide fun and thrills for families and thrill-seekers throughout the season like never before.

“We are really excited to kick off the 2022 season with a brand-new event for our guests. Festival of Thrills will be a thrilliant celebration of our awesome world-class rollercoasters, with a host of fantastic live music which will represent the personality and iconic backstories of the rides.”

Who will be where?

So who will you find and where? Here’s a breakdown of the featured musical artists and their dedicated plots!;

Forbidden Valley – 

  • Nemesis – Join The Junkers who have survived on music since the alien attack, featuring LUNAFALL, a grunge and pop rock band formed to celebrate the Nemesis creature falling to earth.

  • Galactica – The manufactured Galactica Airways AI droids will be on hand to wish you a pleasant flight, alongside the Electro Pop and Synth songs from StacÆ 3

Dark Forest – 

  • Rita – Get set for 80’s rock vibes from around the abandoned racecourse as the Rock n Rollers party and jam to the sound of GLOW with the brave few who dare to stay in the Dark Forest

  • TH13TEEN – The sounds of strings will emerge from an ancient crypt as Gothic Strings bring a pop classical crossover to the Dark Forest awakening the Wraiths. You’ve been warned.

X-Sector – 

  • The Smiler – Join the Smiling Advocates as they invite you to dance to the beat of HYPERHAUS, music to make you Smile. Always.
  • Oblivion – Are you ready to join the dark side? Join the oblivion Army as they rave to the Drum and Bass of DJ Sidor – the Lord of Darkness

Mutiny Bay – 

  • Wicker Man – As fire versus wood, get ready to feel the heat of indie folk-rock band, The Rituals, and experience the acoustic melodies of the traditional folk duo, Mia and the Moon echoing through the wooden tracks of Wicker Man

What Should You Expect?

Expect a varied range of pulse racing musical acts, plenty of thrills and festival worthy vibes aplenty throughout the resort as Alton Towers dives head long into it’s brand new event!

Festival of Thrills will surely deliver an experience worthy of it’s title if previous annual events such as Scarefest and Oktoberfest are anything to go by.

Admission to Festival of Thrills (like most other events at the resort) will be included with the price of admission and will create an immersive experience that guests to the park won’t soon forget!

Acts are reportedly scheduled to take to their individual stages from 12pm midday onwards and will entice the crowds with their individual, electrifying sounds!

As mentioned previously Festival of Thrills debuts at Alton Towers resort on Monday April 04th and is set to run daily all the way through until May 06th.

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