What can you look forward to from Theme Park Insanity this Halloween Season?

What can you look forward to from Theme Park Insanity during this, the spookiest of seasons?!

A chill in the air, a feeling of dread and an abundance of pumpkins? That can mean only one thing! It’s time for the season of All Hallows to commence, and this year we’re all in as we look to scare ourselves silly with some of the biggest and best scare attractions out there to date!

Here at Theme Park Insanity it’s become no secret that we’re absolute ‘suckers’ for all things horror and horror related, therefore when Halloween roles around (our own personal idea of Christmas!) we really do feel spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring all that the UK theme Park industry has to offer and despite the ongoing pandemic, this season will be no exception.

From braving The Dungeons, to traversing scare mazes we really do have so much planned for this October and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into all we can whilst getting our fix of Halloween themed fun and thrills whenever and wherever possible!

We therefore plan to kick off proceedings with a two day visit to one of the UK’s most prestigious and well loved annual Halloween events – Alton Towers Scarefest!

Our visit will be taking place over the 10th and 11th of October and we truly can’t wait to get back and experience some of the most immersive and well themed scare mazes here in the UK!

Last season’s visit to Scarefest saw the introduction of not only the absolutely fantastic and very chilling The Attic: Terror of the Towers, however it also saw the emergence of Darkest Depths – one of the resort’s best and most heavily themed scare mazes in recent years.

Darkest Depths proved an instant hit, and with yet another run around the absolutely fantastic Alton Towers Dungeon we feel it fair to say that Alton Towers Scarefest became our overall favourite Halloween event of that season.

This year, even with all of the current developments we can’t wait to get back and with not only one, but two brand new additions to this season’s line up to look forward to, it fair to say we are already itching to get through the rest of the week and back to our second home this coming Saturday for some much needed thrills and chills! 

Following our visit to Alton Towers we also plan to return (for the first time since reopening post lock down) to York Dungeon to check out all they have to offer for what they are currently dubbing “Their Scariest Halloween Yet!”.

Having followed their progress eagerly since reopening and with the introduction of the attractions first ever ‘Black Jester’ show, it’s safe to say we’re eager to get back there for that alone, however we have also been hinted by the attraction that they have far more instore for this season’s Halloween offering than they have in previous years meaning we’re definitely eager to find out more about what could be on offer when we make our return in just over 2 weeks time!

Alongside York Dungeon we also plan to visit the likes of The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, The Blackpool Crypt, The Dracula Experience and Terror Tower Scarborough to name but a few, however we also have far more instore too as we head through October and ever closer to the big night itself!

This October will also see our first return to Flamingo Land Resort since our last visit with Luke Houldsworth of Coaster Gen, and with a huge of fun and thrills on offer for the Halloween season it’s clear to us that it’s imperative we don’t miss them out.

Offering the perfect mixture of family fun and adult thrills Flamingo Land Resort have recently announced that not only will they be running regular spooky entertainment for all the family, however this year will also see the return of the resort’s premier scare attraction – Stalk in the Park!

This fantastically frightening indoor upcharge attraction offers a more adult appropriate scare experience, whilst still ensuring a fun and safe environment for all.

Although we sadly didn’t get the chance in 2019 to experience this for ourselves, you can rest (in peace haha) assured that we won’t be letting you down when it comes to bringing you our first thoughts and reaction to this exciting and very chilling annual addition this Halloween season.

Alongside we also plan to check out the latest minor works now taking place on ‘Inversion’, get back on some of the most unique coasters here in the UK and have the chance to chill with a drink in the resort’s dedicated onsite bar and stage area Riverside 13 for some much needed spooky entrainment by the fabulous onsite entertainment team!

There are of course a good few scaregrounds and attractions which sadly won’t be making a return for the 2020 season including the absolutely fantastic Yorkshire Scaregrounds (as seen in the above shots) and York Maze Hallow-Scream to name but a few.

This of course is due to the ongoing situation and for this we are deeply gutted, however we do of course completely understand the decision they have taken and as such we can’t wait to get back and experience all they have to offer again during in Halloween 2021 season!

We also have a good few other planned visits in the works as well and these currently include Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Pasaje Del Terror and one or two other major attractions to name but a few (maybe even our first ever drive through horror attraction too!), therefore stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out more as we do our very best to finalise our plans and bring you the very best spooktacular entertainment this Halloween Season!

It’s fair to say that we are ‘dying’ to get back out there and get our fix of spooky fun and thrills, therefore rest assured when we say this; Theme Park Insanity really is the place to be for all your thrills, chills and laughter this Halloween season!