How to ‘Face your Fears’ when it comes to conquering Horror Based Attractions!

How to 'Face your Fears' when it comes to conquering Horror Based Attractions and Experiences!

Fear is a primal instinct – one instilled into us from birth as a way of recognising imminent danger and being able to protect yourself from any form of threat which may prove detrimental to life, however in a lot of cases the one thing we are actually afraid of the most may not be dangerous at all and there is no better example than that of the fear you will likely experience when it comes to experiencing horror based attractions!

Now, it’s true that most of us do indeed like a good scare and this is none better shown than by one of the most base forms of scaring there is – Peek a Boo! Even from being a child that rush you get from a sudden shock to the system or a sudden and involuntary release of adrenaline is something which really has become a thrill seekers bread and butter, however what about those who find it hard to move past the anxiety that the prospect of fear portrays? There are some of us out there who want to be able to experience more thrilling and exciting experiences, however in order to do so we have to subject ourselves to the one thing which we ‘fear’ the most – a good old fashioned scare!

Facing your fears!

The entertainment and attractions industry therefore proves as the best possible example of how options can be provided in order to assist you in ‘facing your fears’ whilst doing it in a perfectly safe, yet thrilling environment!

So how can you do this?!

Well, the first thing to remember here is that whilst you’re in any commercial horror based attraction there is no immediate threat or  danger to either your physical or mental welfare! Every attraction of this type whether it be the The Dungeons franchise, a scare maze at a Halloween event or even a dark ride such as Duel at Alton Towers are designed to create a thrilling experience which satisfies the need for a good scare, yet doesn’t inflict any damage to you physically or mentally at any point. These types of attractions have a very specific set of rules and regulations in place to ensure that anyone who chooses to partake in them remains perfectly safe and unharmed at all times!

The second major thing to remember here is that every aspect of the experience is purely theatrical and remains controlled at all times. If this weren’t the case then the attraction in question would not be permitted to operate at any point as it would be in breach of the health and safety act! The rules and controlling measures placed on these types of experiences ensure that not only do you receive an experience which is guaranteed to thrill but also that you remain unharmed at all times.

Now why with this in mind do we still experience apprehension when it comes to subjecting ourselves to such an experience?

Well, the best thing to remember is that each of us remains unique in our own tastes and approaches when it comes to these types of attractions! Some of us (like ourselves) absolutely love a great scare and will experience no apprehension what so ever in taking part in such an experience, however there are those of us who want to have the experience but find it difficult to overcome the first step which is agreeing to take part in the first place. Now, believe it or not we were never the dare devils we are today and there was a point in our lifetime where even sitting down and watching a scary movie would have been out of the question, however as we have gained life experience and have built our confidence it’s become clear to us just how fun horror can actually be!

The two biggest factors which play the most pivotal roles in being able to move past the apprehension are self belief and confidence! To better understand what we mean here lets take a look at the smaller challenges we face on a day to day basis! This could be as simple as stepping out of the door by yourself to making new friends. Each of these provide their own set of challenges and daunting aspects, however in most cases we easily find the confidence to move past these. This is because we fear the unknown, yet in most cases we still know we will be perfectly safe in taking the steps we need to take in order to achieve these goals! Well, in a way choosing experience a horror based attraction comes down to exactly the same set of challenges! The fear of the unknown is one of the most powerful and universal fears we will all experience, and through this added anxieties such as uncertainty and threat can manifest causing the apprehension to build to a point which some can find unbearable! So again, how do we move past this? Well, the first thing to remember is that even though the experience you will likely face may be unknown, it remains controlled and safe at all times! The second thing to remember is that you are in control at all times meaning should you get to a point where things prove too much you can always ask to stop your experience! 

The Haunting at Drayton Manor

The other most important aspect and possibly the most crucial of them all is this – NOTHING IS REAL!! Even in horror movies every aspect of them remains controlled and artificial at all times meaning they pose zero threat to the actors and actresses at all times no matter how ‘real’ they may appear on screen! Well, the same applies when it comes to the types of attraction in question. Nothing within the attractions are real and will be achieved as a result of special effects, LIVE actors and a mixture of lighting and sound at all times! This therefore means they have no detriment to your health at any point and as a result will not harm you should you choose to proceed!

It’s also important to remember that these types of attractions are designed to be, well, FUN! This means that nothing is designed to leave you in a sever state of distress or unhappiness at any point and if this does become the case you always have the power to bow out whenever you choose.

Now then, most importantly, how do you move past the apprehension in the first place? Well, it’s actually very simple, by believing you can and accepting the above. By doing this you are placing yourself in a state of self realisation that no matter how ‘scary’ the unknown may seem you can experience it and will remain safe in doing so at all times!

Duel at Alton Towers!

The realisation of control over the unknown can be a powerful motivator and the key contributing factor in helping you move past your initial apprehension and therefore in order to ‘face your fears’ and achieve your goal it’s key to realise the possibility of this being the case is 100% achievable in the first place and simply requires self confidence in order to achieve it!

If you manage to achieve this state of mind then all limits on ability to experience horror based attractions will be lifted and you will really start see them in a completely new light! They are after all the closest you will ever likely come to living through a horror movie without suffering the same fate as the protagonists in question!

In conclusion Horror based attractions are an absolute must for any thrill seeker which means that when it comes to experiencing them we strongly advise you to take that leap of faith and believe in your ability to conquer your fears to try them for yourself as once you have achieved this goal the list of possibilities will be endless!

Alton Towers Dungeon at Alton Towers Resort, Staffordshire, UK!

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