Valhalla Reimagining officially announced as delayed until 2022!

CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach officially announces via Twitter the delayed reopening of Valhalla until 2022!

It was officially confirmed this afternoon that fans of Blackpool Pleasure Beaches most iconic viking themed water based dark ride Valhalla will have to wait a further season until they are able to get back on their favourite ride and experience the highly anticipated ‘reimagining’ for themselves.

The delayed reopening was confirmed via a Tweet posted by the park’s CEO Amanda Thompson OBE this afternoon in which she posted a brand new piece of ride artwork accompanied by the words “Ta Dahhhhhhh”

The delay comes as yet another knock on effect of the current pandemic, however it’s safe to say that when this ride does indeed reopen in 2022 riders should be able to expect a brand new vision of this classic dark ride which opened at the resort back in the year 2000 and marked the last official input by the Amanda’s father, the legendary Geoffrey Thompson!

For those who have yet to ride this iconic ride Valhalla is an Intamin water based dark ride based around the Norse Gods and the idea of the Viking afterlife ‘Valhalla’ (hence the name).

within the original rendition of the ride guests are taken on a journey through the afterlife and are faced with a full collection of authentic scenes throughout based around the different elements earth, wind, water and fire!

The reimagining comes following several seasons within which it became ever more evident to both guests and staff alike that the ride was in dyer need of an overhaul due to everything from boats continuously leaking to constant breakdowns, failing effects and a generally overly wet experience by all who dared to ride it.

It’s therefore fair to say that when Valhalla does finally reopen it’s air gates in 2022 guests will more than likely be able to experience everything from brand new scenes and effects to a revised storyline and much more besides!

For now however guests to the park and fans of the ride alike will all have to wait a further year until the Norse Gods open the gates to the afterlife once more!