New Colossus Track Arrives At Thorpe Park!


New Colossus Track Has Officially Arrived At Thorpe Park Resort!

New track has officially arrived at Thorpe Park Resort for their retrack work on the park’s 2002 Intamin Multi-Inversion roller coaster Colossus.

Having operated at the park for over 20 years last year, Thorpe Park’s 10 inversion roller coaster is getting on a bit now and was in desperate need of some much needed love and attention.

Upon opening, Colossus officially took the world record for most inversions found on any roller coaster worldwide – a record that would later be claimed by Alton Towers in 2013 with the opening of The Smiler.

The park announced the planned works back at the end of 2022 (click here.)¬†and following that sections of the roller coaster’s iconic quad-heartline rolls were removed.

Since then, not much has been known as to when the new track will arrive other than the fact the Colossus retrack will take place in phases over the coming years.

The above official update shared by the park earlier today shows the new track sections for Colossus - *Image Credit - Thorpe Park Resort.

The Colossus retrack is planned to follow the same pattern as Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s ongoing Big One retrack and it’s also speculated that Taziker (the company responsible for fabricating Big One’s new track) could also be involved.

This is due to images surfacing last year showing what appeared to be the old track from Colossus outside their Lancashire based fabrication plant near Chorley.

As you can see, the new track looks very different from the old track and will likely stand out quite significantly over the coming years as more and more continues it’s installation.

This is however great news for the park and means that Colossus will stay with the resort for quite some time yet securing the ride for future generations to enjoy.

Above we can see the new track for Colossus being lifted and fixed into place - *Image Credit - Thorpe Park Resort.

Although it’s not yet clear just how long the retrack of Colossus is planned to take, it’s fair to say it doesn’t really matter.

As long as there remains a demand for the ride at the park, Thorpe Park will continue to secure the ride’s legacy and help make it available for many more years to come.

Colossus is hoped to return to Thorpe Park’s available ride line up as soon as possible, however to date no official reopening date has yet been announced.

We will of course do our best to keep you all updated and will announced Colossus’ reopening here on TPI as soon as it’s announced by Thorpe Park.