Theme Park Insanity reviews Planet Coaster Console Edition!

We share our official first reactions to this brand new version of the world renown theme park sim game Planet Coaster!

Well then, where do we start?

The conversion of this highly popular theme park simulation game from PC to console has definitely left us feeling a little bewildered when it comes to adapting to the new setup console gaming provides.

That being said we can certainly understand why this new format of Planet Coaster has been as well received as it has by the gaming community.

Over the years since it’s release in 2016 Planet Coaster has amassed what most would consider to be a cult following.

It seemed almost inevitable therefore that we would see the release of a console edition at some point in the future.

King Coaster still reigns supreme in the console edition of Planet Coaster too.

There are however both good points and bad points to consider when it comes to the way this high spec game has translated to the lower spec console setup.

Highs and Lows.

The first thing is that the camera on the console version is far easier to control (and much more responsive) than the one featured on the PC edition (unless you’re attempting to build a building).

It’s far easier to get a closer look at the detail featured within the game.

That does however reveal one of the other more noticeable differences here too.

The resolution of the game definitely appears much lower than that of  the PC version.

Another noticeable difference is the construction process of rides and scenery.

Ride construction (especially the coasters) definitely feels a little more difficult harness, and this we feel is due to how the commands have adapted to a controller lead gaming experience.

The inclusion of a tutorial however certainly helps to simplify the learning process (a nice touch by Frontier for sure).

The one major improvement to note here though is the elimination of in game lag.

The addition of a build limit and guest count has certainly helped achieve this, however this also means that park scale is set at a limit which wasn’t seen in the PC version previously.

Although a build limit is in place you can still construct parks of considerable size.

The In game menus however still have an identical appearance to those featured on the PC which helps breed familiarity with existing players.

Other noticeable similarities include existing landscape options, ride blueprints and scenery blueprints.

Although you can still build custom rides and ride layouts, the inclusion of existing ride blueprints definitely helps to promote an easier game experience for those less experienced.

Expanding Your Experience.

Just like the PC version gamers now have the chance to expand their repertoire with the release of added DLC packs.

These include those formerly seen in the PC edition such as the ever popular Spooky Pack and the incredibly fun Adventure Pack to name but a few.

 Both of the above are currently priced at the additional cost of £11.99 each with the game alone currently priced at £39.99 in the UK overall (unless you have Xbox Game Pass).

These were all formerly available to purchase on the PC edition too and other DLCs included IP lead additions from movie franchises such as Ghostbusters and Back to the Future!

These however (including the much loved studios pack) have yet to see release within the console community.

The final notable similarity is the addition of the workshop which allows gamers to download creations from other gamers and add them to their parks.

On the PC this was achieved through the Steam Workshop and as such it’s nice to see this being carried forward into the console gaming arena.

The console edition still features a great selection of rides and roller coasters previously seen on the PC edition also.
So what do we think?

When it comes to the experience of the console edition we definitely feel this will be far more attractive to first time players of the game as opposed to existing players.

Getting to grips with the way you control the game will also be an easier process for those familiar with console gaming too.

That being said we can definitely appreciate the decision to carry Planet Coaster forward into the console gaming arena due to increase accessibility to the game as a whole.

Where as PCs require a rather hefty costing setup to the run the game at it’s best, consoles are already pre-equipped to do this.

This therefore means a much less expensive experience overall.

On the whole as much as we loved the PC edition we still really enjoyed getting to grips with the new experience offered by the console version as it offered us that which we look for most in any game – a challenge!

We therefore look forward to seeing what comes of the console edition in the months and years ahead and who knows, we may even see Planet Coaster 2 make an appearance at some point down the line too!

Planet Coaster Console Edition – Now available across all major console platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X!