Phoenix Rising Comes To Busch Gardens Tampa For 2024!

Phoenix Rising Comes To Busch Gardens Tampa Bay For 2024!

Phoenix Rising – the official name of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s NEW for 2024 family roller coaster has been unveiled.

The park made the official announcement this afternoon (02/10/2023) after teasing the arrival of something new for 2024 earlier in the day.

Phoenix Rising is set to be a brand new inverted family roller coaster manufactured by B&M (who in recent times appear to have become slightly more innovative in creating new ride experiences for families worldwide).

The exciting new coaster will be the first ride at Busch Gardens Tampa to feature onboard audio and will take thrill seeking families soaring high above the Serengeti Plain.

The new ride will also be the largest family-friendly ride located in Busch Gardens Tampa’s Pantopia area too and will feature a minimum height restriction of just 42 inches (1.06 meters) to ride.

Phoenix Rising - the official name of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay's NEW for 2024 Inverted family coaster!

Phoenix Rising will reach speeds of up to 44 mph, span a total length of 1,831 ft and as far as we know will feature 0 inversions throughout.

The ride will also swing riders from side to side as they traverse the course similar to how Vekoma Suspended Family Coasters operate too.

Overall, Phoenix Rising looks set to add something completely different to Pantopia and the park as a whole and will be yet again a first for B&M where creating new ride experiences is concerned.

No official opening date has yet been set, however Phoenix Rising is currently slated to open at the park sometime in 2024.

Will you be heading to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to experience this fantastic new ride for yourself once open? We’d love to hear your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!