Pasaje Del Terror Celebrate 25 Years Of Horror!


PASAJE DEL TERROR Mark 25 Years Of Horror With Exciting NEW changes, Terrifying NEW additions & More!

Pasaje Del Terror first opened in the basement of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s iconic casino building back in 1998.

The terrifying, theatrical horror based walk through immerses those brave enough into a nightmarish labyrinth of detailed set recreations from some of horror’s biggest movie hits.

From coming face to face with Amityville’s sinister attic to passing quickly by a rather possessed Regan, Pasaje Del Terror delivers an intense kick of horror fueled adrenaline from beginning to end.

So, with the attraction officially marking 25 years of terrifying those brave enough to enter this year, what can you expect from one of countries most intense all year round horror walk throughs?

Pasaje Del Terror officially marks it's 25th anniversary this year some exciting new additions, much needed changes and so much more!
What's Changed?

To be perfectly honest, we were very surprised (and thrilled) with just how much Pasaje Del Terror has done to mark the occasion.

From re-imagined sets to complete overhauls of some scenes, the attractions has created thrilling new ways to really up the ante where scaring the absolute hell out of those daring enough to enter is concerned.

The former circus scene has seen a complete overhaul and has been transformed into something reminiscent of a haunted library.

This in our opinion makes the scene flow far better with the subsequent scene that follows and helps maintain the chill factor rather than adding in the comedy.

We were also thrilled to see the addition of one of horror’s most infamous icons too – Ghost Face.

After speaking to the attraction’s staff it became clear that Ghost Face has been on the radar of those visiting for quite some time.

The character makes their debut mid attraction and provides yet another perfect segway to the scene following.

Finally the attraction’s finale has been completely reinvented to create a much more intense, fast paced finale creating mayhem and terror for all of those exiting the attraction.

Other subtle changes have also been made and additional jump scares added in places that otherwise felt fairly vacant where atmosphere was concerned.

Brand New Scenes, Additional Jump Scares and a chilling new finale are just some of this year's terrifying new additions.
Has The Attraction Improved?

Absolutely. This year’s brand new additions help to create a far more full on experience befitting of Pasaje Del Terror’s signature brand.

Pasaje Del Terror is mainly known for the hardcore nature of their experience, and the addition of the new scenes, characters and finale help to create a much more fast paced, full on experience.

The terror definitely doesn’t let up and with guests being confronted by yet another new terrifying creature every few seconds those entering barely have chance to breathe before they’re confronted by the next villainous demon.

Pasaje Del Terror also marked Easter in a fun way too by taking out one of the attraction’s most iconic characters and replacing him with a giant, maniacal Easter bunny instead.

Admittedly we found this more funny than scary, but it was definitely a fun way of celebrating Easter weekend in a much more chilling way.

Overall all changes made definitely help to improve guest experience overall and in the same light help keep things fresh for those who (like us) may be revisiting the attraction.

"Pasaje Del Terror also marked Easter in a fun way too by taking out one of the attraction's most iconic characters and replacing him with a giant, maniacal Easter bunny instead."
Should You Brave Pasaje Del Terror?

If like us you’re a huge fan of the horror genre and love getting your scare fix at some of the countries most immersive, horror based attractions then Pasaje Del Terror is an absolute must!

Their 25th year delivers more changes and brand new additions than ever helping to create an even better walk through than ever before.

It’s wonderful to see the attraction keeping things fresh too and constantly thinking about how they can improve their experience for both new and returning visitors alike.

Ultimately, there’s no denying that Pasaje Del Terror is one of the UK’s top all year round scare attractions and this season’s new additions definitely help it to maintain that standing.

So, if you love being chilled to the core, enjoy getting your heart racing and want to venture deep into the heart of horror’s biggest hits then why not head down to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and dare the adventure that is Pasaje Del Terror?!

You will (ahem, we mean won’t) regret it.