Hyperia Opens This Week!

Hyperia is set to open to the public this Friday at Thorpe Park! Hyperia will take the title of the UK’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster with a height of 236ft and speeds passing 80mph making Friday a date many will remember for years to come!

Hyperia’s opening day is expected to be incredibly busy, so much so that the park has extended the opening hours til 8pm on Friday and Saturday. Thorpe Park have also released some pre-opening day information regarding queuing and the process to make your Hyperia experience as smooth as possible. Let’s get into that!

The car park will be opening from 6am (But we don’t plan to get there that early!) whist the park opens from 10am. Once you have arrived, there will be two queues at the security checkpoint. The first queue will be for step free, ride access and Club 236 winners whilst the second queue will be for anyone else wishing to ride Hyperia and all other guests. There will be a queue expected here but the team will work to get you through as soon as possible. These queues will continue through to the area before the bridge. At this point, Ride Access Passes can be collected from the Accessibility kiosk.

Once over the bridge the queues will split off. For guests wanting to ride Hyperia, they will be required to join the holding queue which will split off to the left of the Dome (for Fastrack, stepfree, ride access and main riders for Hyperia). If you are looking to ride Hyperia later or don’t plan to, you continue through the Dome and are free to explore other rides and attractions. Club 236 also head through the Dome.

When Hyperia is ready to open, groups of guests will move from the holding area to the ride’s queue line in a safe manner. The first riders will be the Club 236 winners and then the main / access queue lines. Fast track is available to purchase but it is limited during the early stages of opening.

Staff will be on hand during the day in gold high vis jackets. They will be available to assist with queries and toilet breaks in the holding area.

We know Hyperia’s opening day will be special for many but during the day, it is important to be respectful and mindful to both staff and other guests. Be aware of your surroundings, don’t run and don’t try to queue jump (Queue jumping rules apply in all queues including the Hyperia holding area).

We can’t wait to get down to Thorpe Park to experience Hyperia, be sure to look out for our updates during the day and beyond – including a vlog talking about our thoughts!

If you are there on the day, say hello if you spot me (Elise)

Are you excited to find your fearless? Let us know!