Europa Park Welcomes First Public Riders Onto Voltron Nevera.

First Public Riders Test Out Europa Park's NEWEST Roller Coaster Voltron Nevera!

Europa Park’s newest roller coaster – officially known as Voltron Nevera Powered By RIMAC has accepted it’s first public riders today.

Pictures surfaced earlier in the day showing public riders strapped in to the seats of the park’s newest addition with film crews and management surrounding them.

Voltron Nevera is officially set to open to the public this year and rumours have been circulating for a while now suggesting Europa Park could infact open their newest addition along with the rest of the park next month.

In an official post on his X (formerly Twitter) account Michael Mack shared the photos showing riders preparing to take their latest new thrill ride for a spin.

Alongside the shots Michael Mack also posted What a historical day Europa Park. Thanks to all of you!!! #voltron #nevera #amazing

The brand new roller coaster which has been testing for some time now only recently received it’s full ride trains, however had been testing for a with just the train chassis before their arrival.

We’re not 100% sure on the purpose of those riding (or who they actually are), however given the cameras we can only assume this must have been media and television related.

Regardless, today’s milestone represents a significant step in the new attraction’s journey to finally opening it’s air gates to the public later this year.

An exact opening date is however still yet to be announced but today’s step forward for the attraction certainly makes an opening day opening for the ride look more possible now than it ever has.

Voltron Nevera is also set to break records for featuring the steepest launch featured on any roller coaster worldwide too reaching a total beyond vertical angle of 105 degrees.

We look forward to finding out even more about the purposes behind today’s filming and what we can expect from Europa Park’s new roller coaster in the weeks ahead!