Drayton Manor Announce Opening Date For The Wave!

Drayton Manor Announce Opening Date For The Wave!

This afternoon, Drayton Manor have officially announced the opening date for The Wave.

Opening on the 26th of April at Midday, the reimagined version of Shockwave will take guests on a thrilling rollercoaster ride around Adventure Cove appealing to an all-new rider audience and providing a new riding experience to those who have taken on Shockwave before.

The reveal was made via the theme park’s social media pages via a video reel where the opening date was revealed on a notice board packed full of The Wave inspired notices. Other notices included comments about riding the wave, wetsuit hire and notes that it is Adventure Cove’s “Ultimate Thrill Ride”.

The most notable change to The Wave is that this ride will now allow smaller riders to experience the rollercoaster with the accommodation of a 1.2-meter minimum height restriction via sit down trains.

Here at TPI, we are all looking forward to experiencing The Wave and are eager to see how different the experience is in comparison to Shockwave. Personally, I hope the experience will be more comfortable.

What are your thoughts on The Wave? Will you be visiting the park to experience the ride?


The Wave, opening this Friday!