Circus Mondao Returns To Silsden For 2023!


Circus Mondao Makes A Triumphant Return To Silsden For 2023!

Bigger, Bolder and Much More Daring! If there was ever a perfect way to sum up Circus Mondao in 2023 then that has to be it!

The family run, traveling circus made it’s triumphant return to Silsden in West Yorkshire this week bringing with it the brightly coloured lights and captivating performances of the traditional big top experience.

This fantastic independent circus first grabbed our attention back in 2022 (having NEVER experienced a circus and always wanting to) and after being blown away by what we saw, we genuinely didn’t think things could get any better! How WRONG we were!

Circus Mondao 2023 boasts a vibrant mix of varied acts ranging from your more traditional circus staples all the way through to much more daring, pulse racing acts.

Knife throwing, crossbows and blind folded acrobatics are just some of this year’s main attractions, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

The whole show (which lasts around two hours with an intermission halfway through) packs more action, thrills and edge of your seat entertainment into one sitting than you could possibly imagine.

We found ourselves gripped from beginning to end and can’t recall one moment where our attention on the ring shifted elsewhere.

In truth, this year’s show offers so much variety that’s it’s hard to pin point an exact favourite, but regardless of this we’re certainly going to try our best.


Circus Mondao’s glamorous ring leader Petra commands the ring with ease, introducing each act with a consistently high energy and air of professionalism.

She also enjoys moments of playful interaction with the show’s chief of mischief – Kikin the clown who brings plenty of laughs to the audience with his interactive cheeky antics.

Kikin the clown was certainly one of our personal highlights & never failed to make us laugh or keep us entertained.

The rest of the show featured a talented array of different performers, each delivering their own enigmatic acts with accuracy and ease.

The inclusion of horses,ponies, a donkey and doves also mesmerised us and showed just how talented Circus Mondao’s overall cast really were.


As stated before when it comes to picking an overall favourite act it’s almost impossible to do, however the daring feat performed by the crossbow artist certainly proved one of our main highlights for sure.

The knife throwers and chandelier acrobat also had us gripped and looking on in anticipation throughout.

In truth, the show never featured a dull moment and for that we commend Petra and her cast for what is arguably one of the strongest live performances we have ever seen.

As well as the show though, Circus Mondao also features a full range of other interactive experiences too including a chance to go backstage at the end of the show and meet Circus Mondao’s animal cast, pony rides and a chance to have a family picture with Kikin during the interval.

Each of the above does however come at an additional upcharge which we felt was perfectly reasonable and well worth the amount you paid.

Alongside this Circus Mondao also has a small range of food and beverage outlets within the big top serving food and drinks and toilet facilities just outside the big top too which were kept very clean and presentable.


Now, of course, the main question we’re sure you’ll all be asking – how MUCH does it cost to visit?

Adult tickets range from £18.00 per seat all the way through to £22.00 per seat, per person with ringside being the most costly.

Children and OAP tickets are also available too ranging from £12.00 – £16.00 per person again depending on where you sit, however each day does as a rule offer different promotions to help lower the cost of your visit and make a visit to Circus Mondao much more affordable as a whole.

Full details of all promotions can be found in the pinned post on Circus Mondao’s official Facebook page so we’d advise checking what’s available before you attend to help reduce the cost.

Is it worth the cost though? Absolutely! Circus Mondao offers an action packed family evening (or afternoon) out allowing you the chance to escape everyday life by immersing yourself in a show of breathtaking proportions.

From daredevil antics to an abundance of humour & stunning acrobatics, this family run circus brings a touch of magic and tradition to wherever it visits.

We honestly loved every single second and can honestly say Circus Mondao have really upped their game where improving on last year’s performance is concerned.

Circus Mondao is however only in Silsden until this Sunday October 1st before moving onto Calverly in Leeds from Wednesday 4th through until Sunday 15th of October so be sure to book your tickets quick to avoid missing out!

Tickets can either be purchased in advance from the onsite ticket office prior to the performance or on the gate on the day.

Showtimes vary so again be sure to check Circus Mondao’s official Facebook page prior to visiting for full details.