Blackgang Chine Announce Extinction - A BRAND NEW Ride For 2023!

Blackgang Chine have announced the arrival of Extinction – a thrilling NEW 360 degree Zamperla Discovery Ride for their 180th anniversary season.

The incredible looking new attraction will open at the park on March 25th along with the rest of their current rides and attractions.

Extinction replaces Cliffhanger – Blackgang Chine’s former I.E Park JR Custom family roller coaster which left the park following the end of their 2022 season.

The sensational looking new pendulum ride will spin and thrill riders as it takes them up to heights of 59 ft whilst dangling them upside down and providing some fantastic views of the English channel in the process.

Extinction - Blackgang Chine's thrilling NEW 360 degree Zamperla Discovery will open to the public on March 25th!

In an official post revealing the new attraction Blackgang Chine also confirm a height restriction of 1.2 meters for Extinction and advise there will also be a separate queue for those who don’t wish to fully invert.

“This 360 pendulum swing will see you soar to new heights taking you to an incredible 18m up in the air…which is twice the height of the Smuggler! But don’t worry, there is a separate queue line for those who want a gentler ride and don’t fancy going over the top.

And don’t worry kids, the height restriction is just 1.2m, so all you mini thrill-seekers, and adrenaline junkies will be able to go for a spin too!”

It’s fantastic to see Blackgang Chine thinking of all preferences and understanding that not all riding may wish to go over the top.

Extinction has also been revealed to have a capacity of 16 riders per cycle which should provide a fairly good throughput overall.

Are you excited for the arrival of Extinction at Blackgang Chine this March and indeed, will you be brave enough to ‘take a spin’?

Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below. Also, why not consider checking out our recent video news update to hear more about our thoughts on the ride too?