BIG BEAR MOUNTAIN Dollywood – What To Expect!

BIG BEAR MOUNTAIN Dollywood - What To Expect From The Park's Exciting NEW 2023 Family Multi-Launch Roller Coaster!

What is Big Bear Mountain we hear you ask? Well, Big Bear Mountain is Dollywood‘s exhilarating NEW 2023 Vekoma Rides Family Multi-launch roller coaster.

The BRAND NEW ride is officially set to open at the park later this year and will make up the headline attraction of Dollywood’s BIGGEST ever expansion!

Wildwood Grove is Dollywood’s newest land and currently plays host to eleven other rides and attractions, however in 2023 the park are set to expand on the new area even more with the addition of their brand new signature roller coaster.

Once open Big Bear Mountain will officially be the park’s longest roller coaster and will take riders on a journey through the wilderness past rocky ravines and gushing waterfalls as they explore the vast land hidden beyond the Hollow Log.

So what can you expect from the park’s exciting new addition? Here’s the lowdown….

"Once open Big Bear Mountain will officially be the park's longest roller coaster" - *Imge Credit - Dollywood.
What Can You Expect From Big Bear Mountain?

As mentioned previously Big Bear Mountain is a Vekoma Family Multi-Launched Roller Coaster.

The new ride features 3 LIM (Linear Induction Motor) launches and takes riders on a 104 second journey across a variety of different ride elements including airtime hills, banked twists and turns and so much more.

Big Bear Mountain will comprise of 3,990 ft of steel track which as we also mentioned previously will make it the park’s longest roller coaster to date and the first NEW roller coaster added by Dollywood since Dragonflier in 2019.

The park’s exhilarating new addition will also reach total speeds of up to and including 48 mph, total heights of up to 66 ft and will feature a variety of different themeing elements once complete.

Overall we think Vekoma’s latest creation will make a wonderful new addition to the park and will fit in perfectly with Dollywood’s other current rides and attractions.

"Big Bear Mountain will comprise of 3,990 ft of steel track which as we also mentioned previously will make it the park's longest roller coaster to date" - *Image Credit - Dollywood.
When Will Big Bear Mountain Open To The Public?

To date, Big Bear Mountain has no set official opening date, however the park are reportedly aiming for some time in Spring of this year.

Construction on the new ride is however coming along very fast indeed and as such it’s believed the park plan to close the circuit on the track later this week (week beginning 09/01/2023).

With that in mind Spring 2023 certainly doesn’t seem too unrealistic. Once track is complete the park need only add the ride’s operating systems and testing can begin.

All rides must however complete a minimum number of testing hours before public rides can commence and as such need to be fully signed off by both the manufacturer and the relevant health and safety bodies before public rides can begin.

Construction on Big Bear Mountain is however speeding along and as such we certainly expect to see testing begin within the month if the current rate of progress is anything to go by.

*Image Credit - Dollywood Blog.
*Image Credit - Dollywood Blog.
How Will Big Bear Mountain Ride?

As ever, you can never really predict how something will ride until you actually get on and experience it for yourself, however if Dollywood’s recent concept POV (point of view) video is anything to go by it’s certainly going to be fast.

Big Bear Mountain looks to maintain it’s speed throughout the entirety of it’s 104 journey and never appears to let up either.

The ride also takes some fast twists and turns and looks to dip and dive in and out of rocky ravines as it makes it’s way around the vast terrain of Wildwood Grove.

The tight banked curves and sharp bends will certainly give for some fantastic forces that’s for sure!

Why not take a look for yourself now on the below link?

Big Bear Mountain - Should I Be Excited?

Absolutely! Big Bear Mountain looks set to make a great new addition to Dollywood and will make the perfect new family roller coaster experience in the park’s most recent area as a whole.

It also looks to be one of the park’s most immersive new rides to date too with plenty of themeing and themeing elements set to be scattered through the ride’s layout overall.

Once open, there’s absolutely no doubt in our mind that Big Bear Mountain will prove a HUGE success and will wow and thrill all who ride it.

The new ride also looks set to showcase Vekoma’s talents for creating family friendly thrill experiences perfectly too combining a perfect storm of relaxing moments and thrilling moments to create a ride experience younger thrill seekers won’t soon forget.

Will you be heading to Dollywood later this year to check out their new ride for yourselves? Let us know your plans in the comments below!

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