York Maze Hallowscream Announce NEW Scare House For 2023!


York Maze Hallowscream Announce A BRAND NEW Scare House For Halloween 2023!

York Maze Hallowscream (click here) – One of Yorkshire’s premier Halloween scream park attractions have announced plans to introduce a BRAND NEW scare house for Halloween 2023.

The heavily immersive, annual scare attraction located at York Maze just off Elvington Lane near the A64 welcomes daring thrill seekers annually throughout the Halloween season.

As well as a full range of LIVE entertainment, catering outlets, live actors and more York Maze Hallowscream also features 5 very ‘full on’ scare houses.

The Singularity, Flesh Pot, 2073 & Corny’s Cornevil are 4 fan favourites and feature immersive sets, special effects, live actors and more, however York Maze Hallowscream’s 5th maze – Barnageddon 3D is set to depart this year in favour of a mysterious new addition.

In an official post revealing the scare house’s departure, York Maze Hallowscream have revealed the following;

Stand by for announcements!!! Hallowscream tickets are coming soon, but before they go on sale we have some BIG announcements to make over the coming days.

Starting with the news that we are saying farewell to Barnageddon 3D the pyscodelic journey into the underbelly of Hallowscream.

Farewell to the crazed chainsaw wielding rabbit, the machine gun room where so many shocking photos were captured, and who can forget the exploding toilet.

Barnageddon 3D is being replaced with an epic NEW SCARE HOUSE! Keep an eye on our socials for details and more exciting announcements of changes for 2023 to come!!!”

Whilst still the a firm favourite with many who visited, there’s no denying that Barnageddon 3D was by far one of the attraction’s weakest & overhyped mazes.

The new maze, which is still yet to be revealed will take the place of Barnageddon 3D and judging by the image used to tease it’s arrival, it appears as though we could well see a new scare house themed to ancient Egypt.

It appears as though Barnageddon 3D's replacement could well have links to an ancient egyptian theme.

We visited York Maze Hallowscream for the very first time last Halloween and had an absolutely amazing time.

We were also fortunate enough to be granted permission to film inside the scare houses by the events organisers.

A such, there’s no denying that each of their 5 attractions featured it’s own, singularly unique brand of unadulterated horror, however unlike many other scream parks here in the UK York Maze Hallowscream has stood by it’s same 5 scare houses for quite some time.

2023 looks set to change that though as the arrival of a brand new scare house will offer return visitors the chance to not only experience something new, but scare themselves silly in the process.

Oh, and if the scare houses don’t do the trick then the twisted array of roaming characters such as Corny the Clown and his chainsaw wielding mother will surely do the trick!

We can’t wait to find out more about what we can expect from York Maze Hallowscream’s twisted new addition and in the meantime, here’s a little look back to Halloween 2022’s first ever visit.