Theme Park Insanity interviews YouTube sensation ScrewyLoops!!

We sit down for a chat with YouTube sensation ScrewyLoops aka. Chris Davenport!

Here at Theme Park Insanity we still absolutely love other great theme park content creators as much as the next theme park enthusiast which means we have watched thousands of theme park YouTube videos in our time!

There is one creator however who has always stood out above the rest for us and that’s Chris Davenport from ScrewyLoops – formerly Backseat Blackout!

Bringing the perfect storm of informative content, humour and plenty of banter besides Chris has never ceased to entertain us since day one!

We therefore felt deeply honoured when we had the chance to sit down with the legend himself and get to know more about one of our most loved theme park content creators to date!

Therefore without further a do here’s how things went!

Who are ScrewyLoops?

ScrewyLoops is a Theme Park based YouTube channel which aims to bring informative and opinionated content, but with that added bit of FUN and entertainment!

it’s also run entirely by myself.

How did the transition between Backseat Blackout and Screwy Loops come about?

We originally started Backseat Blackout as a bit of a ‘laugh’.

We wanted to do what other vlogging channels were doing, but make it that little bit more outrageous.

Whilst we had a blast doing the vlogs, the magic started to fade away and running the channel felt more of a chore, rather than a ‘laugh’.

I used this opportunity to pursue my passion into video making further, but Backseat Blackout was still at its core, a parody vlogging channel.

In short, the transition into ScrewyLoops felt well needed, and enabled me to venture into a completely new direction.

What do you enjoy the most about creating content for the channel and what do you enjoy the least?
The script writing.

Many YouTubers’ worst enemy, but for me it’s where I feel most in my element. I’m not afraid to admit English Language was one of my favourite lessons throughout School and College. And I’d like to say it’s worked in my favour when it comes to YouTube. 

Words are how I express myself, what can I say? Ha!

As for least favourite… I’ll have to say the editing stages. 

I’m a little bit OCD, and I can spend WAY longer than I need editing the slightest segment of a video. It’s something I wished I could learn to enjoy more, but I’m always spending far too long during this stage. 
How did your interest in the industry come about?

Good old!

Joining the forum, getting absolutely destroyed by the more seasoned enthusiasts because I didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.

Saying Saw: The Ride was the best coaster I have ever been on! (Was I drunk!?)

That place made me the man I am now. 

In recent years the content we have enjoyed in particular has been the joint collaborations which have taken place between yourself and other content creators! Who would you say you have enjoyed creating joint content with the most and why?

It’s been a blast working with everyone to be fair!

These videos can usually be a bit of a pain to organise, but they do tend to work out nicely in the end.

I absolutely loved working on ‘Seven Craziest Airtime Moments on UK Coasters’ with Airtime John.

We just kept bouncing ideas from one another and generally had a good laugh making it.

But like I said, I’ve enjoyed working with each and every one! 

Where do your ideas for the content you create originate? Are there any contributing factors which affect the decisions you make regarding the content you're creating at the time?
My brain’s constantly ticking with ideas.

I have a huge backlog of half written/abandoned scripts which I keep picking back up months later, and looking at with a fresh pair of eyes. 

My ideas usually originate during my daily commute to work, which has really hit me hard since working from home these past few weeks. 

Traveling gets me thinking. Occasionally I’ll come up with an idea which sounds great at the time, but shortly after, doesn’t sound so great. 

It’s a lot of trial and error, but I need to be fully into a script if I want to make it work. 
Looking back at the life and times of Backseat Blackout which memory would you say stands out the most from the times you created content for the channel?

This is a tough one!

I’ve always loved the social aspects both running a Channel and being in this community brings.

Some of the opportunities we’ve managed to get such as attending VIP events are always a highlight.

Especially Fright Nights at Thorpe Park!

They always go 100%, and it’s great meeting new people as well as old faces at these.

Then again, it’s the little things that also create memories such as simply having a few beers with your friends, or getting that night ride on Wicker Man! 

What are your plans for the future of Screwy Loops?

I’m going to keep creating the content you’re all familiar with, but maybe expand the channel a little more into international territories.

There’s a whole world of Theme Parks out there, and there’s only so many times I can make videos on Alton Towers!

Albeit, that’s what most of our fans love.

When visiting a park is there a particular go to snack or type of food which you tend to go for the most? If so why?

I like to keep my options open!

As much as I love a dry hot dog and chicken nuggets nothing can beat a bit of cultural cuisine!

Phantasialand I found myself eating an authentic meaty German dish with an enormous tanker of Kolsch!

If I find myself in foreign territory I do like to experience something new, however at the local parks I usually end up hitting the Pizza buffet or grabbing a Burger King!

Outside of the world of Screwy Loops what are your favourite go to past times?

From childhood family holidays to my honeymoon, I just love to escape from reality! That’s probably another reason why I like Theme Parks so much? 

Again it’s always the simple things, like getting ready to eat out. 

Taking in the sights and sounds. The smell of incense throughout the corridors of Atlantis, The Palm. It’s crazy how something so insignificant like a smell can take you back! I miss that. 
Which theme park within the UK would you say you see having the most secure future in the years to come and why?

Alton Towers are absolutely killing it, let’s be honest!

There’s a clear reason why Towers is the most popular and well known Theme Park in the UK.

It’s such a unique, yet beautifully crafted Theme Park in an equally stunning location.

I’d also like to give a big shout out to Paultons Park, as the one to watch over the next few years! 

What originally inspired you to starting creating theme park content the most and why?

If anything, I just love to be creative.

I could have made a YouTube channel about gaming, food, lifestyle, traveling… but I’ve always been drawn to Theme Parks.

It’s a fairly niche market too, sure it’s getting more and more popular by the day, but having a platform to make my mark on was always a bonus!

Plus I’ve always been into film making, even before the days of YouTube, my 1mp phone camera was loaded with childish skits! 

What do you foresee the future holding for Lightwater Valley and why?

I made my first visit to Lightwater Valley only last year, and I was met with many mixed feelings.

The Ultimate is an absolute gem and so is Raptor Attack, however the rest of the park felt extremely dated.

I’m not sure what the future holds, however I do hope they can give it the makeover it needs!

I’m in no rush to return, although I would be sad to see it close. 

What are your thoughts on the proposed London Resort and do you see it going ahead?

Oh boy! This project, haha!

I honestly love the ambition behind it, and I do 100% hope it happens but with the constant roadblocks (Brexit, Coronavirus etc.) it’s not something I can see happening ‘soon’.

However, after my trip to Dubai/Abu Dhabi I believe the UK is screaming out for a heavily themed indoor complex! It NEEDS to happen! 

Finally Here at Theme Park Insanity we have always been quite explicit on Screwy Loops as being one of the main sources for our inspiration! Therefore what would you say to anyone starting out in this fun and thrilling field of blogging and vlogging?

Thank you very much, that means a lot!

My motto is just go at it full force!

If you are passionate about something, take that dive and keep swimming down, because at the bottom is a treasure trove of self fulfilment!

Don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back either, if you’re proud of something, make it known! 

Thanks for having me on guys! All the best. 
Chris. (ScrewyLoops) 

Thanks very much for agreeing to join us Chris! We had a blast getting to know you better and we truly can’t wait to see what the future has in store for one of our most loved YouTube channels in the years to come!