Tales From Hell – Volume I: The Dark Chasm.

Tales From Hell - Volume I; The Dark Chasm.

Welcome brave soul!

What do we really know about death? You know, that final moment when our entire lives flash before our eyes and everything we have ever known or loved fades away from view in a gradual drop into darkness.

Death (and what comes next) is the one thing that has always eluded humankind and yet it fascinates us, thrills us and peaks our curiosity more than anything we have ever come across in life.

What if I told you I KNOW what comes next? What if I told YOU I know without any shadow of a doubt what happens when you die? Well then, do I have your attention?

Over the next couple of weeks I will share FIVE accounts of near death experience with you, however only ONE of them is actually real.

The question is, which one will it be?

*** If you are of a nervous or squeamish disposition then it would be best you stop here! You have been warned!! *** 

The Dark Chasm!

Part I - The Beginning

“That smell? What is it? That burning smell? Is that Petrol?”

I quickly became very aware I was laid on my back. The cold ground beneath me was hard, like rock and the sights and sounds around me were blurred.

As I tried to move I soon realised I couldn’t, but why? What was stopping me? WHY COULDN’T I GET UP?!

Lights around me flashed a vibrant ray of different colours. Red, blue, yellow!

It was the dark sky above my head however that soon caught my attention, and that’s when I felt a cold breath of evening air against my face.

I once again tried to get up, however as soon as I did I realised I had nothing to grip the ground with, nothing to help pull me up.

I looked to my right hand side and as my surroundings gradually came back into focus that’s when I saw it, THE BLOOD! SO MUCH BLOOD!

I looked down at my arm and the shock suddenly set in. There was no arm! Just a stump, a bloody, fleshy mangled stump.

It was at that point that I saw my reflection in the smashed car door next to me. What I saw horrified me beyond belief!

“What’s happened to me?” I screamed! “Where am I?”

The weird thing was, no-one replied. No matter how much I shouted, cried or screamed no-one seemed to be paying any attention to me.

“This can’t be real”, “surely this is just a nightmare, I’ll wake up soon, I’m sure of it”.

Suddenly there was a loud BANG and bits of bloody flesh scattered around me almost as if somebody had just thrown a barrel of mince meat at me.

Slowly, everything started to fade, gradually becoming quieter and quieter, darker and darker.

I could feel myself slipping slowly downwards, almost as if the ground was swallowing me up like quick sand and as I slipped deeper and deeper into the abyss below me I quickly realised that this wasn’t a dream.


Part II - The Descent

As Jim continued to fall ever downwards he slowly became aware of the fact he had no control.

No matter how hard he fought the force pulling him ever downwards he couldn’t break free of it’s steely grasp.

The darkness continued to engulf him, and with no light in sight Jim had no idea of just how vast the area around him was.

Suddenly a sulfurous smell filled the air, and a faint orange glow seemed to emanate from below him as he continued to fall.

“What is HAPPENING?!” Jim screamed, “Where am I? What’s going on?!”

A deep rumbling voice boomed from the darkness below him “YOU’RE MINE! Your soul belongs to me!”

“WHAT IS HAPPENING?” Jim cried out again as he continued to fall towards what appeared to be a vast chasm with jagged rocks surrounding it’s edges.

The deep voice boomed back in reply again once more “you’re dead, and now THERE’S HELL TO PAY!”

“No! I can’t be? It’s no possible”

Jim tried to rationalise what was happening, however the only problem was, he couldn’t! This didn’t make sense.

Out of nowhere a high pitched hissing voice whispered in his ear “Oh, but it is, and now you will suffer for your sins!”

The faint orange glow suddenly erupted into a sea of molten lava, and that’s when he heard it, the screams! Billions of souls writhing in agony beneath him.

Jim hit the lava and as he slowly sank into it, the smell of burning flesh permeating the air as he did so he could feel the hands of those around him clawing at him like knives, ripping him apart as they did so.

All of a sudden, everything stopped. Everything went quiet.

Then that’s when he felt it, that feeling of weightlessness as he once again began to fall ever downwards.

“Now you are stuck, and stuck you shall remain!” boomed the deep voice out of the darkness below him.

It was at that point Jim realised, he was was destined to relive this same moment, this same horrifying ordeal over and over for the rest of eternity.

Up Next - Tales From Hell - Volume II; The Executioner.