NEMESIS at Alton Towers – What Comes NEXT?

Nemesis - What Could The 'Rebirth' Of The Beast Of Forbidden Valley Bring In 2024?!

Nemesis at Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire has become synonymous as one of the UK’s most beloved roller coasters since it first opened in 1994.

Earlier this year however, Alton Towers sadly confirmed that their most iconic roller coaster would ‘close’ on the 6th of November for it’s long awaited retrack.

Nemesis’ closure will not only give the beast the chance for some much needed rest, however it will also secure the ride’s future with the resort for the next 30 years at least.

Alton Towers plan to reopen Nemesis in time for the ride’s 30th anniversary in 2024, however it’s become no secret that fans can expect far more than just a retrack when ride finally reopens to the public in it’s 30th year!

So what can we expect from the beast’s rebirth? And what potential ‘surprises’ could lie in store? Let’s discuss.

Nemesis - Simple The Beast Since 1994!! The iconic roller inverted roller coaster has become an integral part of Alton Towers' legacy since first opening in 1994.
Goodnight Nemesis!

On the 6th of November 2022, The Phalanx (the secret government organisation tasked with containing the Nemesis monster) stormed Alton Towers Resort as they prepared to ‘close down’ Nemesis due to it’s “abnormal behaviour”.

Park goers and fans of Nemesis looked on as the Phalanx took control of the area and seized the beast in readiness for her closure to the world.

The theatrical proceedings provided a fitting end to the ride’s original iteration and relayed an expansion on the ride’s already iconic mythos in readiness for her ‘rebirth’ in 2024.

In an ‘official video statement’ post fireworks a spokesmen for the Phalanx (the organisations new head John Dalton) advised that they were closing Nemesis due to her ‘abnormal behaviour’ and that for now we must say, “Goodnight Nemesis”!

A select group of competition winners were also given the chance to be the final riders on ‘OG Nemesis’ alongside the ride’s legendary creator John Wardley and John Burton – lead creative for the ride’s refurbishment.

So what comes next for the ‘new version’ of Nemesis, and what can we expect? Well, let’s talked about that!

"Re-Imaging' A Legend!

So what can we expect from the ‘rebirth’ of Alton Towers’ most iconic roller coaster?

In a recent interview John Wardley (the ride’s original creator) advised that alongside Nemesis’ retrack, there may also be one of two “surprises” instore for us too.

This to us hints at a few new additions being added to the ride, but what could they be?

Could we potentially see the addition of a pre-show to the ride or maybe some form of major update to the station building’s structure?

If there is ONE THING we would love to see return to Nemesis in 2024, it HAS to be the ‘rivers of blood’!

This is one element which has been absent from the ride for quite some time and when questioned about this the resort have stated the decision to remove them was due to environmental damage from the dyes being used.

There are however other options now available which are far more eco-friendly and vegetable dyes could be a good way to bring this feature back without affecting the overall terrain.

What has been assured though is that the ride’s refurbishment should protect Nemesis’ legacy with the resort for at least another 30 years.

In turn, this will ensure that the iconic ride is there for future generations of thrill seekers to enjoy in the years ahead.

So What DOES Come Next?

In short, over a year’s worth of waiting and longing as eagle eyed enthusiasts & the general public alike do their upmost to get that all important glimpse of what comes next whilst peering over the construction fences with heightened anticipation.

What is clear though is that what ever Alton Towers do have instore for us will be more than worth the wait and will bring a NEW lease of life to the ride for future generations to enjoy.

Securing Nemesis with the resort is integral to protecting the legacy of Alton Towers as being one of the most magical theme park resorts to visit here in the UK.

Nemesis also set a precedent where the UK industry is concerned and inspired many other UK based theme parks to up their game when it came to creating the next big thrill.

The ride we know and love is about to change – but that’s not a bad thing and if the marketing for it’s closure is anything to go by then it’s safe to say that whatever the resort have instore for Nemesis’ reopening will be HUGE!!

Thanks very much for reading.