NEMESIS Sub Terra Returns To ALTON TOWERS RESORT This Month!!

Nemesis Sub TerraAlton Towers‘ much missed Nemesis themed dark ride will return to Alton Towers Resort this month.

In an official update this morning the park confirmed the imminent return the Nemesis Sub Terra alongside what visitors can expect from the relaunched ride.

“Take a thrilling ride deep into the Earth’s core to discover the secretive research of The Phalanx. Through a guided tour of their latest research facility in Forbidden Valley. Civilians are invited to look, stay alert, but don’t touch, as you’re shown exciting glimpses of a Nemesis egg, their latest discovery.”

“We’re told it’s controlled and contained, but very little is known about the origins of the egg that sits beneath the Nemesis site, but this much is clear, it’s showing life signs, and a team of Phalanx operatives are investigating. But can they keep control?”

“Board the ride and embark towards your worst nightmare, underground on Nemesis Sub-Terra, as you’re taken down into the deepest location of the Forbidden Valley, venturing in the excavated caves below the Nemesis monster for a truly terrifying experience.”

Nemesis Sub Terra last operated during 2015 before closing for the all subsequent seasons, however over the past year alot of work has taken place to renovate the building and it’s surrounding queue line.

As such, speculation has been rife regarding whether or not Alton Towers could infact be relaunching the ride this season ahead of Nemesis’ 30th anniversary in 2024, and today all speculation was finally put to bed.

Nemesis Sub Terra will finally reopen to the public for the first time in well over 7 years on Saturday 27th May 2023.

Alongside the ride’s planned relaunch, the park have also updated the ride’s logo and have released a some all too familiar concept art (pictured below).

The above artwork was released today alongside the announcement of Nemesis Sub Terra's imminent return this month!
The above shows the newly re-imagined Nemesis Sub Terra ride logo whose colour scheme appears to match that of the forthcoming Nemesis Reborn.

Nemesis Sub Terra’s former ride experience has however been heavily rumoured to have been drastically altered within in order for the ride aspect to become serviceable once more.

This includes reduced capacity, significant changes to the overall ride experience and more, although to date none of the above has been substantiated officially by Alton Towers themselves.

A restriction of 1.4 meters does however remain in place meaning those under the height of 1.4 will sadly not be able to experience it.

This brings Nemesis Sub Terra inline with all of Alton Towers’ other major rides and attractions and means we can still expect a thrilling experience from the ride itself.

Overall, the relaunch of Nemesis Sub Terra offers fans of the park the chance to either step back inside and experience it once again or (like us) experience it for the very first time.

Will you be heading down to Forbidden Valley from May 27th onwards to experience the newly relaunched Nemesis Sub Terra for yourself?

Let us know in the comments below!

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