Merlin Entertainments release details surrounding proposed measures to be imposed upon re-opening parks and attractions

Merlin Entertainments release official strategy plan detailing how they propose to ensure the complete safety of their guests and staff alike upon the eventual re-opening of their parks and attractions!

We have been made aware today that Merlin Entertainments (the owner and operator of some of the UK’s biggest theme parks and attractions including Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures to name but a few) have officially released a strategy plan on their official website detailing how they propose to combat the spread of COVID-19 once they are able to officially re-open all of their parks and attractions and ensure the safety of all of their guests and staff alike at all times!

As per the companies official website their mission statement surrounding the safety of their guests reads as follows;

“Safety is our number one priority. It’s engrained in all we do and central to our values and principles. We call this safety-first approach Protecting the Magic.

Protecting the Magic is about driving a positive, proactive culture of safety across our attractions and theme parks. It helps our leaders, people and business partners identify and manage risks effectively, prevent accidents and deliver unforgettable guest experiences.

We focus all our energy on looking after our guests, colleagues, contractors and the animals in our care. Our mission is clear – to always ensure we’re Protecting the Magic every day through world class people and practices.”

The following proposed measures are therefore set to be introduced to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and these include regular deep cleaning of all rides and attractions, separation of guests from performers in attractions where close proximity is unavoidable and separation of guests on rides by the minimum of one empty row between riders.

Other measures are set to include the admission of pre-booked tickets only and the introduction of contactless payments as the preferred method of payment.

A lot of these measures had already been widely speculated by enthusiasts and the general public alike over the last few months and it’s fantastic to see that we have now been given these further details in writing which means that we can rest reassured the company are being as proactive as possible in readying themselves for re-opening whenever that may occur (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

Even though no official re-opening date has yet to be set we feel that it’s fairly safe to assume we will be seeing these attractions opening as soon as they possibly can do given the amount of work and effort going into preparation and couple that with the recent financial troubles Merlin have been facing over lock down we would imagine the will want to get back to business as soon as physically possible!

For more information of the proposed preventative measures please follow the below link to the operator’s official website.