LEGO Minifigures go MASSIVE at Legoland Windsor!

LEGO Minifigures Go MASSIVE At Legoland Windsor!

Legoland Windsor revealed a video update on their Facebook page last week about their all-new roller coaster – Minifigure Speedway.

The video introduces us to Roxie, the world’s TALLEST Minifigure and gives us an insight into the construction that created this larger than life toy!

Roxie weighs over 6 tonnes and is 30ft tall making her the largest Minifigure on the planet. This figure definitely won’t fit in your LEGO collection that’s for sure!

Roxie stands tall and proud on the site of Minifigure Speedway which will be opening in Easter.

Roxie is the world's TALLEST LEGO minifigure and stands proud within the ride area of Legoland Windsor's NEW For 2024 Roller Coaster - Minifigure Speedway!

From the construction shown in the video, it looks like the ride has really been speeding along in construction since we last visited the park in mid-2023.

The tracks are in place and wind around Roxie which will be a great sight as the trains race past her to get back to the station.

We’re big fans of Roxie & believe that she will be part of a merchandise line for the new ride which will be available to buy during your visit to the park (Granted, you may not be able to buy a 30ft version… But a more manageable size!).

More about Minifigure Speedway from Legoland’s website:

“Join us at the Minifigure Speedway, the world’s first LEGO themed dueling roller coaster that not only races forward but also races in reverse!

This high octane ride is the ultimate family coaster that is a real, live race between the Team Legends and All Stars, led by your Minifigure captain.

Put the pedal to the metal and then slam it in reverse, who will be first across the finish line?”

The dueling coaster will put Team Legends against Team All Stars in a thrilling race back and forth across the tracks to crown a winner every time!

This £10Million investment continues to develop the resort and promises to offer a unique adventure for the family with “State-of-the-art technology and dynamic dual-track layout” whilst reaching speeds of 56 KMPH.

Minifigure Speedway is one of two new developments for 2024, the second being the Woodland Village accommodation which opens in May 2024 offering an all new accommodation option for visitors to the resort which will be similar to the Enchanted Village at Alton Towers.

Legoland Minifigure Speedway opens this, Easter! Will you be racing? Choose your team: Team Legends or Team All Stars!

 – Elise (Still not sure which team she will pick!).