HEX – What Will The Future Hold?

Hex - What Does The Future Hold & Why Are Alton Towers in DIRE NEED Of New Flat Rides?!

A tree in chains, a family cursed and a vault sealed for two centuries – Yes, that’s right we’re referring to HEX: The Legend of the Towers, or as we like to call it, our favourite UK dark ride!

But why has this compelling attraction become a firm favourite among park goers since opening back in 2000?

To discover that we must first take a better look at what the ride offers & the history surrounding it!

Hex opened to the public at the dawn of the resort’s millennial season & was shrouded in mystery!

The ride (which would later become known as a real one of a kind attraction) is a Vekoma Madhouse & is the largest of it’s kind in the UK.

In turn, it’s size really does lead all those who ride it to believe they’re actually sat in an ancient, dust covered vault (ourselves included)!

In essence, the attraction combines the perfect mixture of themeing, special effects & gripping story telling to create a real one of a kind experience.

What Is HEX: The Legend Of The Towers?

Riders are immersed into a world of curses, black magic & witches as they learn how one man’s selfishness brought about his downfall of an entire bloodline.

Local Legend tells of how Charles Talbert (The 15th Earl of Shrewsbury) was commuting back to his ancestral home (Alton Towers) when fate decided to intervene.

The earl was reportedly stopped in his tracks by an old beggar woman who pleaded with him for his charity.

He cruelly dismissed her and as he headed away the woman screamed a curse.

“for every branch of the old oak tree that falls a member of your family will die!”.

The legend goes that that very same night a ferocious storm raged & severed a single branch of an old oak tree.

Coincidentally, as this happened a member of his family apparently sadly passed!

This caused the Earl to command all of his house staff to chain up the remaining branches of the tree in order to prevent further misfortune!

At this point the legend normally ends, however in the case of the ride the legend ‘continues’.

The addition of the earl dragging the branch back to the towers and sealing it in a ‘secret vault’ was added by the resort to accommodate the ride.

So what do we think the future will hold for HEX and could it ever be replaced if removed?!

"A Vault Sealed For Two Centuries!"
What Will The Future Hold?

Well one thing that is for certain is this – if the park do have to remove it, it shouldn’t be too much of a job for them to do so!

That being said we DEFINITELY don’t see HEX leaving the park any time soon, and here’s why!

HEX isn’t just a ride, it’s a package experience!

It offers those who ride complete immersion from beginning to end!

Featuring a heavily themed queue line, a cinematic pre-show & mystique in abundance, HEX has become one ride we just can’t get enough of!

Why? Just one reason –  no matter how many times we experience HEX, we never cease to be mesmerised by it.

From great story telling to  themeing perfection, HEX captivates our imagination every time without fail!

A Dire Need For Flat Rides!

Now, it’s become no secret that the park are in dire need of some new flat rides.

The ever increasing removal of rides such as Ripsaw & Submission makes us wonder what direction the park will take when it comes to offering thrilling experiences that aren’t coaster related!

We do however wonder whether or not we will ever see the return of Nemesis: Sub Terra (which was of course not a roller coaster)?

Therefore, taking all of this into account we definitely feel that the addition of some brand new, permanent flat rides in the years ahead would be a great move by the park.

It would offer extra ride capacity, an expanded offering on choice & assist in keeping queue times as low as possible at peak times.

Now, with regards to what we would like to see?

Suffice it to say that a Gyro swing would definitely not go a miss and with the park’s history of digging down to accommodate height this could well happen.

We would also like to see more unique flat rides at the park too to give thrill seekers something new to try.

This would definitely present the park with a challenge thats for sure!

HEX's Future With The Park Secure?

In our opinion, the need for more unique experiences at the resort only further adds evidence to support Hex’s  security with the park for the immediate future.

Not only does it offer a unique experience, however it also maintains originality which we feel is key to a successful attraction!

It’s also no secret that Hex can shift a queue!

This is shown by the design and size of the queue line both inside the old armory & outside the entrance too!

With a ride capacity per cycle of at least 50 riders, this great dark ride offers the chance to move large volumes of visitors at regular intervals!

This is definitely the type of attraction the park needs (especially when it comes to the likes of Scarefest and Fireworks)!

Now, to really understand why this ride is well suited to the park let’s take a look at the sheer level of attention to detail within the attraction as well as the way it adds depth to your overall experience.

Leaving A Lasting Impression!

In our opinion, a successful experience must leave a lasting impression on all who experience it!

This (for us) is key to creating the perfect ‘must experience’ attraction!

To achieve this you MUST ensure that those experiencing it buy into the overall experience.

HEX, in our opinion does this magnificently!

It Combines the perfect mixture of audio, low lighting and themed scents (Aromaprime of course) which in turn ensures guests are drawn in as soon as they enter!

As you traverse the queue line you really are lead to believe that you are stepping foot into an active building site.

This is achieved through the perfect use of props draped in tarpaulin and the added effect of dust and dirt (although that could just be due to the age of the attraction haha!).

After reaching the pre-show, you soon realise that even the staff are wearing construction gear and this remains the case throughout!

This helps maintain the illusion and adds further depth to the attraction overall!

Once you reach the front of the queue and enter through the turnstile you are held in a holding pen.

Whilst this happens (through use of voice over) you’re introduced to the 15th earl of Shrewsbury.

After that happens you’re invited to step forward and experience the mysterious tale for yourself!

You then make your way through the doors that’s when the real adventure begins!

As mentioned previously the remainder of the experience maintains the illusion and keeps you gripped from start to finish!

"Please will you now move forward to experience Hex - The Legend of the Towers!"
Wil HEX Stay At Alton Towers?

Overall, we definitely feel it’s fair to say that Hex is here for the long haul.

With that in mind we really feel as though the park’s next move will either be the addition of a new area featuring SW9 (Click Here to hear more!) or the addition of permanent flats at the resort!

That being said the park are in desperate need some to eat up the queues and with the recent addition of the Retrosquad we’re certain that Alton Towers have already realised this!!

What are your thoughts on HEX – The Legend of the Towers?