Circus Mondao – Visiting Our FIRST EVER Circus!

Circus Mondao - What Did We Think Of Our FIRST EVER Circus Experience?

Circus Mondao is one of many traditional family run travelling circuses touring the UK, however up until the other night we had NEVER experienced one!

It’s hard to believe isn’t it? We’d never experienced one?

Well, after visiting one for the very first time this Thursday we have come to one conclusion – we should have done this sooner!

Growing up circuses weren’t really something we got the chance to experience, however it’s definitely something we wanted to do, therefore we decided the time had come to change that.

So what did we think of our first ever experience and indeed, what is Circus Mondao? let’s discuss!

Our first ever Big Top experience!! - Circus Mondao's Impressive Big Top Tent and arena all lit up!
What Is Circus Mondao?

Circus Mondao is a traditional family run circus combining theatrical performances with acrobatics, traditional showmanship and a good amount of family friendly humor to boot.

The overall performance lasts around 1 hour and 45 minutes and includes an interval halfway through.

Magical illusions, daredevil antics and an outstanding Clown named Ruanito were just some of the many different family friendly acts making up this Thursday’s performance.

If we’re honest we found it hard to pick out just ONE highlight, however if we had to it would DEFINITELY be the ‘wheel of death’!!

Choreography and timings were also on point too and performances appeared flawless from beginning to end.

The overall energy maintained by the cast was very impressive and never seemed to falter from one moment to the next.

Overall, Circus Mondao is almost certainly the perfect introduction to the world of the Big Top and the many delights it provides.

"Circus Mondao combines theatrical performances with acrobatics, traditional showmanship and a good amount of family friendly humor to boot."
What Else Can You Expect?

Alongside the show itself, Circus Mondao also provides a full range of typical ‘fairground style’ catering options such as hot dogs and burgers, popcorn and even slush.

They also offer pony rides, the chance for a photo with Ruanito, run a raffle and provide the opportunity to visit the onsite stables at the end of the show too.

These do of course come at small additional charges, however they are well worth checking out and add a little extra something to the family night out!

Circus Mondao also run different offers depending on the day you visit and these can all help to reduce the cost overall.

From Kids Go Free to Buy One Get One Free, there are many different offers available and the details of these can be found on the Circus Mondao’s official Facebook Page (Click Here).

Have your picture taken with the fabulous Ruanito the clown!
Would We Recommend Paying A Visit?

Absolutely! Circus Mondao is the perfect family day (or night) out & it’s sure to have you laughing, gasping and even grinning from beginning to end.

With so much on offer you’re sure to find something that will please everyone during your visit.

It’s also worth noting that the days of performing animals such as lions, tigers and elephants are now an incredibly distant memory!

The only animals you will find performing at Circus Mondao are horses and all performances are carried out in a completely safe and humane manner for all involved.

Throughout the show you will also find yourself captivated, enthralled and completely drawn in by the magic of the show and the ring leader does an exceptional job of ensuring that happens.

Overall, we had an amazing time visiting Circus Mondao this Thursday & would like to thank the whole team involved for a truly memorable night.

You really were the perfect FIRST EVER circus experience!!

Circus Mondao also have some great photo opportunities alongside the many other fun family activities on offer during the show's interval.
Where Can You Find Circus Mondao & How Can You Book?

Circus Mondao is currently performing in Silsden until Sunday October 2nd.

They then move on to Carr Farm in Calverly, Leeds from Wednesday October 5th right through until Sunday October 16th.

Tickets start at £12.00 for children and £18.00 for adults and vary in price depending on where you sit.

All tickets must be booked at the onsite office and paid for in cash only. No bookings can be taken online.

Please visit Circus Mondao’s official page for full details.