Attraction Source Presents Scaremazing!

Attraction Source Present Scaremazing - A Halloween Event not to be Missed!

Scaremazing – an unforgettable day at Alton Towers Resort packed with unique insight, chilling takeovers and plenty of spooktacular atmosphere to boot!

Attraction Source are some of the most well known UK based theme park and attractions content creators to date and are known primarily for the extremely high standard of the varied content they create.

They are however also well known for hosting some of the best UK theme park group events to date too.

These events (which are usually hosted annually at least three times a year) usually feature such rare opportunities as exclusive ride takeovers, talks from professionals within the industry and behind the scenes access to some of the UK’s biggest attractions.

Out of all of their annual events however it is their Scaremazing Halloween event we have wanted to attend the most.

This incredible event is well known for featuring behind the scenes access to some of the resort’s incredible scaremazes, talks from the minds behind the horror and an exclusive event only group takeover of all mazes featured that year.

We were therefore absolutely thrilled this Saturday gone (October 16th) when we finally had the chance to experience this amazing event for ourselves.

Here’s how things went down!

The day's attendees! - Image Credit - Attraction Source and Towers Times.
What was included?

This year’s Scaremazing event included a whole host of fantastic opportunities for the price of admission!

From an exclusive pre-opening takeover of all 4 mazes to an exclusive talk from the resort’s head creatives and behind the scenes access to Darkest Depths & Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard this incredible Halloween spectacular had it all.

The day began at 11:00 where attendees met up at the Towers Suite on Towers Street where light refreshments were provided.

Attendees were then allocated a group (pink, green, yellow or orange) and given a corresponding wristband. This to ensure an even split for exclusive maze access later that day.

From 12:00 – 13:30 we enjoyed exclusive access to all 4 adult scaremazes featured at the resort giving us the chance to experience them all for ourselves prior to them opening to the public at 14:00.

We then had the chance to break for lunch and reconvened at 16:00 for our Unmasking the Horror Talk + Q&A with the resort’s Entertainments Creative Managers Simon and Kieran.

The talk gave incredibly unique insight into how the scaremazes come to be, why they are scored the way they are and how decisions are made to ensure the resort maximises guest experience at every turn.

Following the talk we then had the chance for some further free time on park prior to meeting back up at 21:00 for our exclusive behind the screams tours of Darkest Depths and Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard.

The event then finally concluded around 23:30.

How Much did it Cost?

The whole event cost us just £28.00 which for what we experienced to us was incredibly fair indeed.

This didn’t include admission on the day as event with admission cost a total of £53.00, however due to being annual pass holders we had already prebooked our slot.

It’s fair to say that the cost of this event was well worth every penny and gave us some incredibly rare opportunities which would not ordinarily be afforded to the general public.

Pre-booking for the event is essential however, and once tickets go LIVE they tend to sell out very quickly therefore if you want to attend you will have to be fast,

Attraction Source prsents Scaremazing 2021!
Was it Worth It?

Without a shadow of a doubt, absolutely!

Scaremazing was our first ever event as well as being our first ever Attraction Source event and with that being the case we couldn’t have been more thrilled!

As previously mentioned not only did this event offer some incredible unique (and highly rare) opportunities, however we also had the chance to spend time with some truly incredible like minded individuals too.

Throughout the entire event we were made to feel welcome, part of the group and felt included in everything we did from start to finish.

We also had the chance to talk one on one with some of the resort’s most influential team members which would NEVER happen during a normal visit to Alton Towers.

The team over at Attraction Source were also fantastic too and were always attentive, caring and on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have had.

At no point throughout our day did we feel unwelcome or not included in the experience as a whole.

As such we plan on attending plenty more of these fantastic events in the future and we can’t wait to hear more about what the team have instore for us as we enter 2022 and the start of a brand new season here in the UK!

If you have yet to attend one of these incredible events however, we highly recommend you do so next time the opportunity comes around!

Meeting up on Towers Street! - Image Credit: Attraction Source & Towers Times.