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What should we expect from 2021?

What should we realistically expect from 2021 where theme parks and attractions are concerned? Ok, let’s be real here for a second! 2020 was by far the hardest possible year for all of us all round, however when you hit rock bottom the only sure way is up right? From


Is Single Rail the Way Forward?

It’s no secret that over the last five years at the least roller coaster manufacturers across the world have really stepped up their game when it comes to looking for the next unique way to thrill their customers!


Intamin – Why All the Fuss?!

When it comes to brand new additions in 2021 there is one manufacturer who is absolutely dominating the line up of brand new roller coasters worldwide, and that name it Intamin!


What does the future of the UK theme park industry look like?

How do we feel the UK theme park industry will change and develop in the years to come? It’s no secret that 2020 has likely seen one of the most challenging years that theme parks and attractions will have faced here in the UK in decades. With that in mind


Merlin’s announcement and what this means for the UK theme park industry!

What does today’s landmark announcement by Merlin Entertainments mean and how does it affect the remainder of the UK theme park industry moving forwards?! So, as we all know Merlin Entertainments (the world’s second largest operator of leisure based attractions) today announced that plans were currently afoot to re-open their


Where will we see the UK’s First RMC?!

Where do we think we will see the UK’s first ever RMC and why? We share our thoughts on where we think we will see it versus where we would like to see it! RMC –  those three little letters that make every UK coaster enthusiast drool with lust as


What do we see the ‘re imagining’ of Valhalla Offering?!

What do we see the re-imagining of the Pleasure Beach’s most iconic water ride offering once complete?! It is fair to say that whenever you ask someone which rides you can expect to find located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach it is almost guaranteed that 9 times out of 10 they


Secret Weapon 9 and the Future of Galactica!

Secret Weapon 9 aka. SW9 and the future of Galactica (formerly Air)! In this brand new article we will attempt to share our thoughts surrounding Secret Weapon 9 and the could well affect the resort’s B&M Flying Coaster Galactica! Galactica originally opened at Alton Towers as Air (code name SW5)