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Attraction Source Presents Scaremazing!

Attraction Source Present Scaremazing – A Halloween Event not to be Missed! Scaremazing – an unforgettable day at Alton Towers Resort packed with unique insight, chilling takeovers and plenty of spooktacular atmosphere to boot! Attraction Source are some of the most well known UK based theme park and attractions content


What is Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park?

What is Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park and why is visiting it an absolute must this Halloween season? In this brand new review of our recent visit we share all!


What is The Alton Towers Dungeon?

Alton Towers Dungeon – Bringing Staffordshire’s darkest history to life! Alton Towers dungeon is a dark and comedic horror based walk through attraction located in the former Charlie and the Chocolate Factory building. The attraction breathes life into some of Staffordshire’s darkest history making it both educational and entertaining at


Does Oktoberfest Really Work at a Theme Park?

Oktoberfest – Does it really work at a theme park and what does this unique setting bring to the experience? Oktoberfest – a German staple festival filled with the sound of Oompah bands, Ale filled euphoria and topped off with a scent that can only be described as drool inducing!


London Dungeon – A Full Review

What is The London Dungeon? Is it worth a visit and where can I find it? In this brand new review we’ll tell you everything you need to know when it comes to visiting this fantastic attraction.


Kicking Off Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 125th Anniversary!

Everything you need to know about Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s start to their 125th Anniversary Season! This year Blackpool Pleasure Beach officially celebrate their 125th anniversary season, therefore on April 12th we just had to leap out of lock down and check out the park for their opening day! The iconic