Theme Park Insanity



The Smiler – What Could Have Been!

The Smiler – What could it have looked like should original concept designs for the ride have come to life? Read on to find out more…………


How Theme Park Enthusiasm survived Lockdown!

During a time when our favourite past time was well and truly snatched from under our very eyes, how did a community of theme park fans and aficionados survive the hardest times they have ever faced?


LEGOLAND New York First Look and What to Expect!

LEGOLAND New York Resort – First Look and What to Expect! LEGOLAND New York was first announced by Merlin Entertainments back on October 25th 2017 and construction officially commenced in late 2019. The brand new resort will make up the ninth LEGOLAND park in Merlin’s portfolio and will feature 24


Tornado Springs – A Complete Guide!

Tornado Springs at Paultons Park – What, where and when!! We share everything you’ll need to know about Paultons Park’s brand new area for 2021, Tornado Springs!


Drayton Manor confirm BIG CHANGES for 2021!

Drayton Manor have shared some incredible insight into their winter maintenance schedule over the past couple of months as well as confirming some big changes coming to the park for the 2021 season.


How to become a Successful Blogger!

How do you become successful at blogging and what do readers look for in a good post? We know right? Now there’s an original idea for a blog post! Well, in truth whether or not we are actually successful or not is really down to the overall general consensus of


How to Conquer your Fear of Riding!

We’ve all been there, that guttural instinct of fear and apprehension, those cold sweats and trembling nerves as you stand looking upwards at the giant tracked monster in your sights!


2020 – A Dramatic Season of Change!

2020 – How a global pandemic changed the way we enjoy theme parks and attractions for the foreseeable in a dramatic and uncompromising way! As closed season 2019 finally drew to a close and the 2020 season began back on a cold and windy February weekend on the Flyde Coast