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Presenting VISIONS by Mikhile

VISIONS By Mikhile is an exciting and highly creative new art brand brought to you by the absolutely incredible one and only Mikhile Williams!


Virtual Towers Online talks to Theme Park Insanity!

Theme Park Insanity sits down with the creative geniuses behind one of the most up and coming theme park sims online to date – Virtual Towers Online! It’s no secret that when it comes to gaming within the theme park enthusiast community nowadays there is one name which is taking


Theme Park Insanity interviews IMAscore!

Theme Park Insanity officially interview the attractions industry’s leading music producer IMAscore! Known for creating some of the most memorable and unique ride and attractions scores in recent years, this Germany based industry leader in themed audio and music has really dominated the theme park and attractions industry when it


Theme Park Insanity interviews Luke Houldsworth from Coaster Gen.

Exclusive Q&A with our great firend Luke Houldsworth from the up and coming theme park focused YouTube Channel – Coaster Gen! Since Theme Park Insanity first established back on 25th of July 2019 we have had the chance to work with some truly fantastic individuals and as such this has


Theme Park Insanity interviews YouTube Banter Legend Digital Dan!

Theme Park Insanity Interviews YouTube Banter sensation Digital Dan! Out of all of the fantastic theme park content creators on YouTube there is one who stands out as rather unique in the content he delivers and in the way he chooses to deliver it! Since first establishing back in 2013